Who Will Be First
To Abolish
The United States of America?

The United States will be abolished. The question is not whether, the question is by whom

Whoever abolishes the United States will be able to decide what will replace it.

Should we Merge the United States and Mexico 
into a New Government?

If you love America and everything America once stood for, you need to understand the following facts, all of which will be thoroughly documented and supported in the pages that follow:

Sometime in the year 2006, Congress will be voting on the Bush Administration proposal to merge the United States and Mexico into a new government which may someday be called "The United States of North America," but will be created under an agreement called  “The Free Trade Area of the Americas,” or FTAA. When the nation-states of Europe decided to join the European Union, they were told that it was only "a trade agreement." Now they are finding out that it is not just an economic agreement, but a new political and legal system, a new system of government, with the power to make laws that override national constitutions and national governments. This was the original intent of the architects of the European Union, brilliant men who believed in the need to eliminate “the anarchy of nations” and create a global mega-state. The FTAA is the Western Hemisphere’s counterpart to the European Union, according to the architects of the FTAA. Thirty-four nations in North and South America will be merged into a new regional government.

The process of abolishing the United States did not begin with the Bush Administration, nor the Clinton Administration. It has been in the works for decades.

If the men who signed the Constitution in 1787 could travel through time and observe America in 2005, they would conclude that their Constitution had been abolished. No reasonable, sensible, thoughtful, well-educated person can claim that the United States is governed by the Constitution as intended by its Framers.

Those who disagree with the Original Intent of America’s Founding Fathers have already done away with The United States as envisioned by the Founders.

All that remains is making it “official” and advancing to the final stages of their “New World Order.” When the FTAA is approved by Congress and fully implemented, there will be no illusions about being under the Constitution ratified in 1789. We will be under a new form of government.

America was built on an ideal: “Liberty Under God.” Those who love this ideal would be wise to study to recognize that the Constitution is dead meat. Legal scholars and jurists have already admitted it. Those who voted in the most recent election – nearly 120 million people – are not aware of these realities.

Government is too big. Not just too big, it is like an extraordinarily obese person, say, one who weighs well over a thousand pounds. Such a person needs drastic help, and eventually has to have an entire wall of the house removed so he can be exited from the house and taken to the hospital. Government is completely out of control. But this obese man is also cranky, obnoxious, pushy -- and expensive.

During the second term of President Bush, this obese Leviathan is going to go from cranky to violent. Our children are now in harm’s way.

Lou Dobbs, of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" recently began his evening broadcast with this provocative announcement: "Good evening, everybody. Tonight, an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad?" CNN correspondent Christine Romans in Washington, D.C. reported: "On Capitol Hill, testimony calling for Americans to start thinking like citizens of North America and treat the U.S., Mexico and Canada like one big country." The testimony encapsulated the proposals put forward in the Council on Foreign Relations Task Force report, entitled Building a North American Community.

In 2006 the majority of the 50 states each have populations which are larger than the entire nation in 1776. Great Americans like Patrick Henry questioned the need for a new Constitution, and refused to sign it. If there were good reasons for uniting the 13 colonies in 1787, there are no good reasons for merging the 50 United States and Mexico. Every single person who signed the Constitution would urge us to abolish the federal government of the United States and return the power of the federal government to the individual states or to the People. None of them would advise us to move the powers of the federal government away from the people of the 50 states and vest those powers in a new regional government which is not bound down by “the chains of the Constitution” (to quote Thomas Jefferson).

Doctors, Lawyers, and other highly-trained professionals are required to take “continuing education” classes each year to remain highly-trained and up-to-date on the latest advances in their field. What you are about to read is a “continuing education class” in Americanism. You need it to be a good citizen and to be a good influence on your rapidly-changing nation.

Those who love America and “Liberty Under God” must abolish the United States in order to save America. Lovers of liberty and God must do so before those who hate liberty and hate God merge America into the “New World Order.” In order to preserve self-government, we must abolish “the government.”

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In order to save America

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